About the RIDAN Nippi

The RIDAN Nippi 300 is designed and built by FibreDan Pty Ltd, a Sydney based company, to be a safe and economical single person commuter vehicle for those people who are wheelchair bound.

The engine in this model is a reliable 257cc fuel injected 4 stroke engine utilising a water cooled system with large air ducts on the side of the nippi to keep the temperatures in check even on the hottest of days. Using a CVT gearbox to put all of that power and torque to the ground, you will be climbing hills and cruising down the freeway with the other motorists with ease.

A rigid body made from steel and covered in tough durable fiberglass not only protects the occupant but also looks great with it's new modern look. The stealth like body shape, which is painted in 2 pack to the colour of your choice, has also been noted to have positive effects in regards to fuel economy. The rear door of the nippi easily raises and lowers through the assistance of gas struts, when lowered this becomes your wheelchair ramp. Designed to sit at a maximum angle of 12 degrees and with the hand rails located on each side, entry to the nippi is an easy excercise.

Ridan Nippi 300 has been built to an almost perfect width to ensure excellent handling. With it's dual shock absorbers on each side of the vehicle the RIDAN Nippi is very stable on the road and under braking.

From the very beginning the Ridan Nippi was designed and built with the utmost safety in mind. Working closely with a RTA signature engineer all aspects of this Nippi have exceeded RTA regulations, and in most cases have now become the current benchmark. This Nippi employs disc brakes on each of the 3 wheels which have been evenly matched to enable a balanced feel when stopping in either wet or dry conditions.

A custom wheelchair locking sytem is made to suit your wheelchair to securely hold your chair in place during your journey which only takes a matter of seconds to activate when entering the nippi. A retractable lap sash seat belt has also been fitted to ensure you don't leave your chair. The rear door has a double locking system which also features an engine cut-off system if the door is opened.

Additional safety features include some great lighting all round, dual braking and indicator lights at the rear and a host of clearance lights and reflectors making the RIDAN Nippi extremely visible whether it is night or day.

Each side of the RIDAN Nippi 300 houses lockable hatches that are aided at night with the addition of internal lighting, one of the pods is large enough to safely store your helmet and wet weather gear. A lockable glovebox is also included to store those smaller items that you don't want to go missing.

Priced from just $17,000 AUD the RIDAN Nippi 300 can be custom made to suit your needs and comes with a 12 month return to base warranty, servicing of the nippi is also available through FibreDan Pty Ltd based in Sydney. This nippi has attained full compliance with the RTA and as such can be registered in all Australian states for road use. International buyers should check with their local authorities to ensure the RIDAN Nippi can be approved for their use.

If more details are required or any enquiries regarding the RIDAN Nippi's, please use one of the contact options located on the contact page.

Looking for even more power in a nippi?
A new RIDAN Nippi 650 is currently under development. More details to follow closer to release.

Click here for latest images/video's of the nippi 650



Capacity: . . . . .257cc
Type: . . . . . . . . Fuel injected 4 Stroke
Cooling: . . . . . Water cooled with fan
Fuel Tank: . . . 11 Litres
Economy: . . . .3.4L / 100km (approx)
Power: . . . . . . 11kw
Torque: . . . . . .18.5nm @ 4500rpm
Reverse: . . . . .Electric Reversing System


Type: . . . . . . . . . .Steel / Fibreglass Construction
Paint: . . . . . . . . . .2 Pack
Door: . . . . . . . . . .Gas Strut Assisted
Storage: . . . . . . . Lockable Pods & Glovebox
Suspension: . . . Dual Shock Absorbers Each Side
Width: . . . . . . . . .1970mm
Length: . . . . . . . .1900mm (Ramp excluded)
Weight . . . . . . . . 300kg
Ramp: . . . . . . . . 12 Degrees Maximum Angle
Front Wheel: . . . .Alloy - 110/90R12
Rear Wheels: . . .Alloy - 130/70R12


3 Wheel Disc Brakes + Handbrake
Wheelchair Lockdown System *
Wheelchair Mounting Bracket *
Retractable Lap Sash Seat Belt
Double Locking Rear Door
Hand Rails On Ramp
Auto Engine Cut-off System
Dual Rear Lights Each Side
Clearance Lighting & Reflectors

* These parts are custom made to suit your wheelchair and
are available for both standard and motorised wheelchairs.